George Hartwell M.Sc.


Enhancing marital intimacy with Couples counseling

In couple counselling sessions with George you will find:

  • Couples Counseling whose objective is creating a couple that is more deeply connected and going through life as an effecitve unit that cannot be divided.
  • Couples therapy based on Sue Johnson’s model of EFT – Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy.
  • The sessions will focus on getting in touch with the feelings and issues of both parties at a deeper level and
  • Learning to listen and acknowledge your partner’s feelings and issues,
  • Which will help you feel seen and not so alone and
  • Which will enhance the couple bonding and
  • conflict resolution

Life Transformation through Individual Therapy

In your individual therapy sessions with George you will find:

  • Therapy for Depression and Anxiety based on dealing with core beliefs
  • Dealing with foundational personality patterns established in childhood
  • Using effective therapy tools for Life Transformation, including:
  • Memory reconsolidation,
  • The emotionally focused journey to our authentic identity,
  • Emotional inner Healing ( a Christian approach)
  • Stress and anxiety Management
  • Addiction & Recovery tools


  • Education: MSc in clinical counselling from the University of Calgary and BA University of Toronto.
  • Experience: ever 30 years in private practice and over 40 years engaged in mental health, community and children’s psychological services.
  • Degree: Masters in School and Community Psychology, Department of Educational Psychology, University of Calgary.

Additional Training:.

George has been trained in a variety of individual therapeutic approaches including:

  • Family Therapy System approach (Joyce Irvine Social Work at Alberta Hospital Ponoka)
  • Couple therapy – Emotionally Focused approach (Sue Johnson, Ottawa)
  • Emotionally Focussed 
  • Psychodrama (Dorothy Burwell at University of Toronto)
  • Transactional Analysis (One week with Muriel James)
  • Reality Therapy (workshops with Ron Harshmann, Edmonton, Alberta)
  • Social Functioning (Trained in assessment and therapy by/of Eugene Heimller)
  • Systematic Desensitization of Fear (Behaviour Modification Course at University of Calgary)
  • Crisis counseling
  • Life Transformation Therapy (John and Paula Sandford’s model of inner healing)


Fees are $120 per hour.

Fee is $180 for a 90 minute session.

Payments are accepted by cash, check or e-transfer at the office and a receipt is given. (Services with George do not usually qualify for any insurance coverage.)

Phone counseling is available at $120 per 60 minutes paid by PayPal or as agreed upon. 

Canadian services are in Canadian dollars and US services are in US dollars.

Upon special arrangement George provides more intense sessions for individuals or couples. These may be 3 hours per day for 3 to 5 days or 6 hours per day for 2 to 5 days.  (Previously called ‘retreats’ but all services are now provided at the Mississauga office.)

Life Transformation with George

My goal is to move you toward a happy, healthy new life as soon as possible.

I mobilize all the resources I have gathered over many years.

I make use of the approach that is comfortable to you and most effective in reaching your goals.

Make use of my services if you:

a) need the support of a caring experienced therapist,

b) want a trauma/problem resolved that is not yielding to traditional short-term goal focused therapy.

c) would love to experience prayer-therapy from one of the most highly trained and most experienced professionals providing inner healing through listening prayer therapy.

d) are deeply committed to achieving significant life transformation and getting at the core issues (that may not always be obvious) that trigger and maintain significant problems that are disrupting your life.

As a Life Transformation therapist, my goal is to help you to achieve life that is less frustrating and an identity that is more authentically you.

I will work with you to understand and resolve emotions, perceptions and compulsive life patterns that are generated by and rooted in the emotional memories of the past.

Believe it or not, emotional learning can be changed fully and permanently. Therapists and psychologists call this breakthrough Memory Consolidation.

I make use of several forms of psychotherapy, Christian and secular, that are designed to provide inner healing through memory reconsolidation.

I work with you to achieve your goals and to deal with the ways you undermine what could be a life of love, peace and joy. I am talking about engaging in an effective process of emotional healing and life transformation. This means dealing with the underlying obstacles and personality patterns that keep blocking the achievement of your goals, and reducing feelings of security and confidence in yourself.

With couples I focus on couple bonding. One goal of my couple work is to insure that each partner feels listened to, acknowledged and not judged.

People find it is hard to play games with a clinician with my level of experience. That assures that we will identify the key issues and deal with them even if they are subtle.

My goal  in couple therapy is to provide a safe place to express feelings to one another.

Safety with one another requires listening to and acknowledging one another.

LISTENING is key to providing the EMOTIONAL SAFETY in which DEEPER BONDING can occur. Emotional bonding is key to creating a healthy couple relationship.

The memories of the past including trauma to be free from maladaptive life and personality patterns and 


Phone: (416) 234-1850, text: (416) 939-0544

 or E-mail:  ghartwell at

Office Location

The office is in suite #123 1454 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, Ontario, L4X 1L4

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